OptForce provides a framework that enables collaboration across directorates to make the best strategic planning decisions for the manpower program… Of course the much bigger picture is enabling us to do this across the Human Capital Enterprise rather than just within G-1. It’s this ability to collaborate that is new and valuable.
LTC Marie Lou Hall, US Army

OptForce is a really intriguing new player – beyond basic metrics and forecasting, it delivers a workforce modeling capability that is more advanced than anything I have seen in the market.
Nicholas Garbis, GE Energy

OptTek’s application of sophisticated agent-based simulation and optimization algorithms to CH2MHILL’s global workforce has yielded a three-year workforce forecast that is 98% accurate using just one year of history. We now have the ability to produce far more accurate forecasts for multiple scenarios with minimal staff in just minutes versus days or weeks.
David Sutherland, VP, Planning & Talent Analytics at Expedia (Formerly Director at CH2MHill)

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There are other workforce planning tools on the market. But they’re nothing like OptForce.

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