Workforce Demand Forecasting

Estimating workforce requirements for the next few years sounds easy enough, but in reality it’s a level of complexity few can overcome.

Workforce Demand:

Creating accurate demand forecasts for your workforce

The most critical component in successful strategic workforce planning is to have an accurate forecast of your future workforce requirements that is tied to your organization’s strategic objectives. If this forecast is not accurate, and if it does not support your strategy, then any attempt to use it as a target for your strategic workforce plans is a futile exercise.

There’s the traditional approach and then there’s the right approach to workforce demand forecasting.

The bottom line in workforce demand forecasting is that there is no single, failsafe approach. The right approach is to find the right method for each company, and even for each type of business within each company.

In this white paper:

  • A Traditional Approach to Workforce Demand Planning
  • The Right Approach to Workforce Demand Forecasting
  • A Bottom-Up Approach to Workforce Demand Planning
  • Appropriate Technology for Workforce Demand Forecasting

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