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Here are just a few of our workforce optimization whitepapers available for download by the public.

Workforce Demand Forecasting: Creating accurate demand forecasts for your workforce

The most critical component in successful strategic workforce planning is to have an accurate forecast of your future workforce requirements that is tied to your organization’s strategic objectives. If this forecast is not accurate, and if it does not support your strategy, then any attempt to use it as a target for your strategic workforce plans is a futile exercise.

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Strategic Workforce Optimization: Ensuring Workforce Readiness with Optforce.

Strategic workforce planning (SWP) has been identified as a top business challenge and a high priority in order to produce organizations that are capable of performing more effectively. Industry leaders recognize that success depends on attracting, retaining and developing talent, and having the right talent in the right place at the right time – to achieve the condition often characterized as workforce readiness. High readiness levels require anticipating and responding to changing workforce needs and market demands, and allocating resources effectively.

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About OptForce

OptForce utilizes simulation modeling, advanced statistics and optimization to create actionable people analytics that improve organizational performance, reduce talent risk, and enrich the work experience.

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