Turning Data into Actionable Analytics

Very few organizations are able to use their workforce data to actually improve their business. The reason? Most don’t have the time, the resources or the specialized data professionals required to extract actionable intelligence from their raw data. If this is your organization, OptForce is for you.

It starts with
your data.

We collect all of your workforce data—no matter how raw or disconnected. Then our data scientists, statisticians and optimization experts cleanse, harmonize and process the data.

Build and validate a simulation model.

This is a customized model of your workforce—extremely accurate and highly reliable—which is then used to answer your specific questions and analyze various “what if” scenarios.

Deliver actionable analytics

We roll the model forward in time to give you forecasting analytics—the heart of workforce planning and optimization. We also give you present-day metrics (current recruiting results, turnover, etc.), comparing them against industry standards, best practices and your internal goals. We even roll the model back in time to give you retrospective analyses—an invaluable practice for informing your future workforce planning.


Seeing is believing. Here are a few examples of how OptForce can turn your data into actionable workforce analytics.


Facing an attrition problem.
Global Engineering Services Firm

The Data:
Company is experiencing an attrition rate of 35% for newer employees (0 to 2 years of service) and that is expected to increase to 38% in the short term.

The Analysis:
An improved onboarding program must be implemented and should cost approximately $2,500 per new hire. Based on the data, the projected ROI of the new onboarding program is 25%.

Facing a diversity problem.
Global Energy Services Organization

The Data:
Client is seeing diversity at an all-time low of just 20%.

The Analysis:
By allocating 10% more of the recruitment budget to minority-serving colleges, the data projects an increase in diversity of 13% (to 33%) by year-end 2016.

Facing a recruitment problem.
Global Water Management Services Firm

The Data:
The client is facing large number of cancelled external hire requisitions.

The Analysis:
Better workforce demand forecasting translates into more accurate requisitions from the business, saving the company $2.1 million annually.

Facing an attrition problem.
Large healthcare provider

The Data:
The client is facing an average attrition rate of 15% for its registered nurses.

The Analysis:
To achieve patient care goals, need to hire during the next four quarters 25, 20, 30 and 40 registered nurses, respectively.

Facing high unfilled demand costs.
Large professional services firm

The Data:
The client is facing significant decreases in chargeability rates, which translate into opportunity costs from lost revenues.

The Analysis:
More accurate demand predictions enable the client to minimize workforce gaps and maximize chargeability, which results in savings of over $1 million per year.

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