We help at every stage of your workforce planning and optimization initiatives—no matter how little or how much data you have, and no matter how raw or how disconnected your data is, and no matter what your specific goals and objectives are.

Data Preparation

Our database experts and data analysts carefully cleanse, standardize, and harmonize your disparate workforce data streams.

Recruitment Support

You receive data-driven recruiting plans and sourcing strategies designed to attract and retain, reduce the cost, and improve the performance of your new talent.

Demand, Supply & Gap Analysis

Our data scientists, statisticians and optimization experts create a sophisticated simulation model specifically to accurately assess your talent needs, supplies and gaps—all the way down to the role level.

Comparative Scenario Analysis

Our simulations enable you to compare the potential outcomes of your most crucial talent decisions with unparalleled levels of detail and accuracy. Now you can ask “What if?” and get answers you can believe in.

Attrition Analysis

We help you minimize your talent losses with data mining techniques that keep you apprised of employee turnover and retirement trends along with potential employment gaps.

Risk Analysis

We help you uncover and manage uncertainties in your talent needs and supplies—as we’ve been doing for clients for more than 25 years.

Assessing the Impact of Programs and Policies

Our simulation modeling reveals the potential impacts (positive and negative) and the costs of proposed workforce programs and policies. This is a huge advantage in selecting the most effective set of investments and maximizing your ROI.

Talent Flow Optimization

When you want to make changes to your learning, career planning, and employee mobility practices, we evaluate the impact of your proposed changes. This is essential in determining which practices produce the best results for your organization as well as your individual employees.

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