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OptTek Receives $1,250,000 Federal Award

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OptTek Receives $1,250,000 Federal Award To Develop Strategic Workforce Planning System for the US Army

OptTek Systems, Inc., was awarded a $1,250,000 contract by the United States Department of Army’s Deputy Chief of Staff G-1 and Research Development and Engineering Command’s Army Research Office to design and develop a strategic workforce planning system. The system will support the Army’s mission to ensure human resource readiness of the Total Army across the full spectrum of operations. By implementing the technology, the G-1 forecast a potential savings from balancing the force structure by 2013 to be well over $1B while maintaining mission readiness.

Using OptTek’s state-of-the-art optimization methods and enabling software for agent-based simulation modeling, the system will:

  • Optimally prescribe manpower policies (not only accessions and promotions) but also retention policies (such as bonuses and incentives).
  • Simulate workforce flow to describe what effect the manning system has on readiness, force alignment and other important human capital attributes.
  • Minimize the Operating Strength Deviation across a 7 year planning horizon, while balancing other valued outcomes including readiness, flexibility, and force alignment.

About OptTek Systems, Inc.

OptTek Systems, Inc. is a Boulder, CO based optimization software and services firm. From its inception in 1992, OptTek has become the leading provider of optimization software to simulation companies and employs state-of-the-art techniques based on many years of research in the area of optimization, in which OptTek’s founders are internationally recognized leaders. OptTek specializes in developing and customizing its software to enable solutions for business problems characterized by significant uncertainty and complexity. OptTek’s software is used by hundreds of firms including Fortune 500 companies for diverse applications including customer relationship management, financial and strategic planning, logistics and transportation, and telecommunications. OptTek’s website is

About the Army G-1

The Army G-1 mission is to develop, manage and execute all manpower and personnel plans, programs and policies — across all Army Components — for the entire Army team. Their vision for the human resource enterprise is a team of HR professionals dedicated to supporting and empowering Soldiers, Civilians, Families and Veterans worldwide in an era of persistent conflict. They will recruit, retain and sustain a high quality volunteer force through innovative and effective enterprise solutions to ensure HR readiness of the Total Army across the full spectrum of operations.

About The U.S. Army Research Office

The U.S. Army Research Laboratory’s Army Research Office (ARO) mission is to serve as the Army’s premier extramural basic research agency in the engineering, physical, information and life sciences; developing and exploiting innovative advances to insure the Nation’s technological superiority. Basic research proposals from educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and private industry are competitively selected and funded. ARO’s research mission represents the most long-range Army view for changes in its technology.

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Dr. Better oversees every aspect of the deployment of OptForce in client engagements, from implementation through configuration and delivery of results. He is a Lecturer in the Leeds School of Business of the University of Colorado at Boulder, and has authored and co-authored many articles and book chapters in the fields of simulation optimization and risk management. His 20 years of experience spans the automobile, banking and telecommunications industries, both in the U.S. and Latin America. His current interests focus on the application of optimization, simulation and predictive analytics technology to solve complex business problems.


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