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Join our growing network of partners and help your clients to accurately predict their workforce challenges and needs, including:

  • The resources they’ll require—by role and by skill—one, two or three months out, as well as one, five or 10 years out.
  • How their workforce skills and competencies mix should change over time, especially as they move into new product lines, new markets and new delivery models.
  • The critical gaps that will arise between their future workforce needs and their workforce supply.
  • How they should modify their current recruitment, retention, compensation, career development and talent flow practices to eliminate future gaps at minimal cost.
  • The specific impacts of proposed changes to workforce and hiring policies (e.g., how the changes will affect future retention, talent flow and workforce cost and productivity).

Partnership Opportunities

Reselling OptForce

If you’re interested in building or growing your practice in workforce planning, the OptForce brand (along with our expert team and proprietary technology) will put you light years ahead of competitors who provide their clients with simple reporting and tracking tools.

OEM Technology Partners

If you want to provide your customers with data that can be used to take action and make decisions based on highly accurate forecasting, partnering with us enables you to do so under your own brand name.

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If you’re interested in becoming an OptForce partner, simply complete the following partnership request form and we’ll follow up with more information and all the details you need to get started.