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Here are just a few workforce optimization case studies you’re welcome to download.

M&A Talent Assessment:
Conducting talent synergy assessments in pre- and post- M&A activity with OptForce

According to a December 22 report from PwC, 2016 broke records for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity in the hospital and health systems industry, and will continue at a similar pace in 2017. Driving this trend are strategic decisions from many healthcare systems to “build capabilities and scale for healthcare’s transition to a value-based care delivery and business model”, while other systems have experience tough times that are forcing them to divest from underperforming operations and facilities. A major hospital management group, which has grown significantly through M&A activity throughout its history, contacted OptForce to conduct talent synergy assessments during the pre- and post-acquisition phases related to various M&A transactions planned for 2015 and 2016.


HR Policy Impact Analysis:
Assessing the impact of HR policies on employee attrition

In industrial psychology, a change in policy is called an intervention. The problem of analyzing the impact of such interventions on employee attrition is not straight forward, and if done wrong, can lead to costly mistakes in managing talent. Download this case study to discover the insights and actionable analytics from the analysis performed on a division of a large web services company. The company had recently decided to revoke its employees’ right to work remotely, and wanted to assess the impact of such a policy change.


Retention of Engineers:
Putting Compensation, Learning & Development to Good Use

Engineering Services firms are facing an ever-shrinking supply of talent. Coupled with an aging workforce, the problem of having a sufficient supply of capable engineers and project managers is of significant concern. Download this case study to discover the insights and actionable recommendations from the analytics in a large Engineering Services firm experiencing critical talent turnover.


Bench Optimization:
Determining optimal bench size to minimize cost and maximize revenue

For many organizations, a bench of available employees serves as a valuable asset. A bench provides the necessary flexibility to react quickly to new business opportunities. The bench, however, comes at a cost, so the number and skills of employees on the bench (bench strength or bench size) must be carefully evaluated in order to balance the cost of paying employees while they are not generating revenue, with the opportunity cost of lost revenue from having unfilled positions in the near-term. Download this case study to discover the insights and actionable recommendations that emerged from the analysis performed in a business unit of a large professional services firm.


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OptForce utilizes simulation modeling, advanced statistics and optimization to create actionable people analytics that improve organizational performance, reduce talent risk, and enrich the work experience.

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