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Descriptive, Predictive, Prescriptive Analytics

OptForce uses patented agent-based simulation and optimization modeling technology and highly sophisticated predictive analytics techniques to produce actionable workforce intelligence. Intelligence with a high degree of predictive accuracy, specificity and flexibility.

Our technology works for you on three fronts: (1) Data Cleansing and Harmonizing; (2) Workforce Demand Forecasting; (3) Workforce Supply Scenario Planning. The result? Actionable analytics you can trust.

Data Cleansing and Harmonizing

1. Data Cleansing and Harmonizing

Our data scientists cleanse and process your data using custom software. Once this process is complete, your data is ready for our simulation modeling and demand forecasting modules.

Data Cleansing and Harmonizing

2. Workforce Demand Forecasting

We accurately predict future workforce requirements through a combination of sophisticated data mining methods, simulation, and optimization techniques to develop a mathematical model for each role in your organization. Our model encompasses the effects of various business metrics (such as forecasted sales volume, revenue and throughput) on your talent requirements.

Data Cleansing and Harmonizing

3. Workforce Supply Scenario Planning

Our agent-based simulation model creates a very detailed representation of your workforce, showing your employees’ interactions with their environment. The model determines the future supply levels of talent by simulating employee attrition, recruitment, promotion and lateral mobility.

The Result: Actionable Analytics You Can Trust

Thanks to our technology and experienced data scientists, you can move beyond reactive reporting and into predictive decision-making. Through our easy-to-use web portal, you have quick access to the results of your analytics. We provide the insights you want whether you’re interested in metrics about future workforce gaps, attrition forecasts, labor costs, workforce productivity, predicted quality of new hires or other workforce issues.

With OptForce, you can ask “What if…” and get reliable, actionable answers. It’s true workforce planning and optimization—at last.

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