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We don’t just predict your headcount needs. We use highly accurate simulation modeling, optimization algorithms and data-mining techniques to help you conduct true workforce planning and optimization. We correlate your strategic business drivers to specific roles, skills and competencies.

Very few organizations are able to use their workforce data to actually improve their business. The reason? Most don’t have the time, the resources or the specialized data professionals required to extract actionable intelligence from their raw data. If this is your organization, OptForce is for you.

We transform data.

To get real value from your workforce data, you need to transform it into meaningful analytics and intelligence you can act on. But this requires skilled data professionals and specialized tools and technology. This is OptForce.

We’re data scientists.

We’re a team of data scientists, statisticians, optimization experts and computer programmers who work together to transform your raw workforce data into actionable intelligence. Intelligence you’ll use to improve organizational performance, reduce talent risk, and enrich your employees’ work experience.

Simulation modeling.

Using our patented simulation and modeling technology along with highly sophisticated analytical techniques, we deliver highly accurate workforce metrics and analytics for driving proactive decisions regarding your future workforce deficits, surpluses, risks, challenges and costs.

Turning Data into Actionable Analytics

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We Focus on Your Future.

While we do help you address the present and analyze the past, our main objective is to help you forecast your future workforce needs and issues—and then make informed decisions and take action accordingly. After all, what good is your workforce data if you can’t actually use it to positively impact the future of your business? In short, we empower true workforce planning and optimization.

If all you really want is a reporting tool that focuses on the past, then OptForce is probably not for you. If you’re interested in predictive analytics and actionable metrics, contact us today.

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OptForce utilizes simulation modeling, advanced statistics, and optimization to create actionable people analytics that improve organizational performance, reduce talent risk, and enrich the work experience.

Learn what makes OptForce unique and see if we’re a fit for your organization.

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